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The Vegan Seed Cookbook is filled with tasty plant-based recipes with variations for those transitioning to vegan cooking. As a certified health coach and mama of twins, I value healthy cooking for the family, however time may be an issue. Being a practical vegan, I love homemade food, but time does not always permit me to make what I want. For these times I buy “healthy” packaged items. Some of these items are listed in my recipes. Don’t flip out! If you don’t want to use them, you can omit them from the recipe. It’s all about enjoying the food we eat.


One thing I am really happy I added in this cookbook are variations. These variations are set up for those that are transitioning to vegan or just want a healthier option of food. All my recipes are made to be vegan and gluten-free, however, please make them according to your dietary needs.


I want to give credit where credit is due. My amazing cover and some filler pages for both hardcopy and kindle were taken by Marsha Foster with  Her photography is exceptional and has helped make this cookbook amazing. The recipe photos were taken by myself to get your tastebuds watering and excited to cook some great food.


Be sure to check out my Pantry Pages. By adding the listed ingredients to your pantry, it will be easier to make these recipes. I provide a variety of options from quinoa noodles, nuts, and spices to bring your pantry alive.

The Author

As a certified holistic health coach and self-trained vegan chef, Jennifer Colburn has spent the past couple years creating vegan dishes. As a “seasoned” vegan of eight years, she has helped her clients learn how to live a healthy and happy life.  While struggling with weight-loss, depression, anxiety, and leaky gut, she changed her lifestyle to being vegan. This gave her the opportunity to heal her digestive disorder, feel more energized, lose weight, and live happily.  With Jennifer’s passion to live healthily, she embraced a love for health coaching and vegan food.  February 2015, she started The Vegan Seed (, which has reached thousands of people around the world. It has given Jennifer a way to reach others through her coaching, blog, shared recipes. and now her debut cookbook: The Vegan Seed Cookbook.

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