“I was that fat kid, hefty teen and overweight adult. Everyday of my life has been a challenge to meet my health goals and keep motivated to be the healthy mom and wife I want to be. I have battled with depression and anxiety and even though I conquer it most days, it still teases me by throwing my past failures and challeges into my present. For this reason, I have learned that no matter what issue arrises in a person’s life, they CAN meet their health goals and live a balanced life. Being all the way down to the valley of death, and as happy as my heart could ever be, my clients know, I am one of the most understanding and supportive health coaches around. I am not willing to let them fail, because they didn’t have the support or encouragement to breakthrough their wall to succeed.

I am real and genuine with my clients. I laugh with them and cry with them. I give them resources to reach their goals, as well as give them love and compassion when no one else will. I believe in them and help them to see their self worth. Our sessions are hyperfocused on the client’s needs – mental, physical, and spiritual. I am more than a coach. I am their friend and accountability partner.

This world is missing so much love, compassion, and understanding we walk around with our heads down, depressed about our jobs, relationships, or past. We think we are stuck and there is no way out. We long for someone to care, to take interest, but we are afraid to get close enough for fear they will leave and never come back. We are afraid to take a step out of our comfort zones to share a hug, thinking we will be rejected. We don’t smile and tell someone they are loved, because we a lot of times lack it in our own lives. I want to change this. I want people to feel valued, loved, respected, and have a higher self worth, and as we find this, we find happiness, and health. I want to be that person to make a difference. One client at a time. I know all too well what it feels to be unloved and have the feeling of worthlessness and I will do what I can as a health coach to help others meet their goals and gain love, self-respect, and self-worth.”

How to work with me

Our journey together begins with a free 30-minute health history consultation. This is a chance to discuss your current health challenges and goals and see how we can work together to meet your goals. We will go over the packages I offer (health coaching programs) in our consultation and get you started on a road to healthly living.

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