Sweet Potato Fries

When the season turns a little cooler I usually tend to choose warmer foods to eat. I believe wholeheartedly that we should eat locally and with that, eat what is in season. One of my favorite fall foods is, sweet potatoes. I do eat them year round, but tend to eat...

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Here in Northwest Arkansas it gets really hot. One day it was a heat index of 105 degrees. Not fun when the air goes out and you do everything you can to stay cool. During this time, I have also gone off all processed sugar (sugar detox) and try to use food items from...

Vegan Yogurt Dots

With the summer quickly approaching, I am looking for all kinds of cool or frozen treats that won't send my kids spinning around with sugar crazed heads. I love a good snack and one that I know my kids can eat that will benefit them, so in my searching I found this...

Vegan Yogurt Bowl

I love to have a snack after I run or have been active. It helps stabilize my sugar, and leaves me feeling energized enough to continue my tasks of the day. This snack I chose was vegan yogurt bowl. Even though it technically is not a recipe, I wanted to share this...

Vegan Zucchini Baked Fries

Vegetables are not always famous in my house. They are often turned down for less healthier options, or left on the plate to turn cold and left behind. I recently bought some zucchini to make muffins, but then I saw a post by two peas & their pod for zucchini fries....

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Thrive Market

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