Berry Vegan Scones

  One of my happy memories as a kid was to walk up to a local restaurant with my mom and get her favorite baked item on their menu, a raisin scone. I remember they would package two round scones in a box for her and we would walk home to where she would sit and...

Chocolate Banana Bread

I love chocolate, however due to my gut sensitivity, I can't consume chocolate with any form of dairy in it. This means DARK chocolate for me. YUM! I eat 88-95% dark chocolate as a snack. I also make my smoothies with cacao powder in them, which is bitter by itself...

Cacao Fudge

When it comes to celebrating our family doesn't usually over indulge. My kids, 5 years old, have picked up on my coaching my clients on choosing better options than refined sugar treats. I was proud to hear that my daughter wanted to make something that was relatively...

Quinoa Parfait

Quinoa is an amazing seed that is used as a grain and has so much versatility and benefits to eating it. Here are just a few listed by Forbes. It's rich in protein and contains all nine amino acids. Contains almost twice as much fiber as other grains. Contains iron-...

Roasted Peach Dessert

In the many years of being vegan, I found one of the easiest places to start was the desserts. Such yummy, sweet goodness, warm or cold in the mouth with satisfaction at the tip of your taste buds. Oh, I guess I am describing my roasted peach dessert. I was...

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Here in Northwest Arkansas it gets really hot. One day it was a heat index of 105 degrees. Not fun when the air goes out and you do everything you can to stay cool. During this time, I have also gone off all processed sugar (sugar detox) and try to use food items from...

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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