Pineapple Smoothie Tonic

When cold and flu season hits, I do everything I can to avoid it, but there is no telling what can happen. I was sure that I wouldn't get sick with eating all my greens, washing my hands and taking my probiotics. I understood that my kids may likely get something, as...

Mint Green Smoothie

I think I would be missing out on a little of life if I didn't learn how to make smoothies. I am a huge fan of the ice cold juicy goodness that fills my heart and stomach at the same time. There are different kinds of smoothies out there. Some of my favorites are...

Orange Raspberry Smoothie

During the winter season, I like to purchase citrus fruits from a little private school in Tennessee. This citrus fruit comes from Florida. I just got my box in a couple days ago and decided that I wanted to try creating a smoothie that was fun, sweet, and healthy....

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Thrive Market

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