Chocolate Banana Bread

I love chocolate, however due to my gut sensitivity, I can't consume chocolate with any form of dairy in it. This means DARK chocolate for me. YUM! I eat 88-95% dark chocolate as a snack. I also make my smoothies with cacao powder in them, which is bitter by itself...

Blueberry Scones

When you are on a gut recovery program, it is hard to find things that you can eat that taste good. One morning I decided I wanted to make a biscuit recipe that I could enjoy in the mornings. Since blueberries are an approved fruit that I can eat, I decided that I...

Irresistible Gluten Free Bread

A family member introduced this recipe to me and it had dairy and eggs in it. I altered it to fit the needs of our family and it still turns out amazing every time I make it. It rises the same as whole wheat bread, and is fine in texture. I did find that if I use...

Roasted Peach Dessert

In the many years of being vegan, I found one of the easiest places to start was the desserts. Such yummy, sweet goodness, warm or cold in the mouth with satisfaction at the tip of your taste buds. Oh, I guess I am describing my roasted peach dessert. I was...

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