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I first came in contact with Jennifer when we were training for the Marine Corps Marathon several years back. Much like myself she had an interest in athletics and nutrition. For me, it had pretty much been a lifestyle but I lacked the concise knowledge. When I saw that Jennifer was taking it to a whole new level with holistic health and nutrition I began to ask her a lot of questions about food, sleep, exercise, stress, you name it. I had, and still do have a lot of questions and she has always offered a timely and knowledgeable answer…and many solid suggestions. One of those suggestions really had a seriously positive impact on my life. Becoming vegan. I must admit I had some trepidation at first but Jennifer explained it all and again, patiently answered all my questions. She provided me with guidance, meal plans, how to get more sleep, meditation…detailed explanations about everything and in a manner that made grasping the concepts easy. I’ve been vegan now for over 8 months and what a fantastic transformation both physically and mentally. I’m eating an incredible variety of great foods, whole foods and it makes all the difference in the world . My weight is right where it should be and my increased energy level and ability to focus is awesome. With her help I feel like I’m finally on my true path nutritionally. Jennifer is an awesome no nonsense coach with a great heart.

Jack Marshall

Founder and Chief Instructor, Alpha Krav Maga South Shore

Jennifer has been such a blessing to me.

When you start a program of any kind you hear about the same thing each time, Jennifer really brings something new with the way she takes care of her clients. She has a way of bringing out things that really changes your thought process and you start to see your health and how to accomplish being healthy in an entirely different way.

This is everything from drinking enough water, diet and exercise to getting enough sleep, to time for you. I know that if you are like most women the last thing on your list is you. She brings out that in order to make changes you have to take that much needed time for you.

To add to that she really cares and she wants others to care about themselves and for you to give yourself the time you deserve to take care of you. I have never met a more encouraging and uplifting person in my life and she truly means it.

I highly suggest Jennifer if you are wanting to make some life changes weather it is losing weight getting healthy or just needing to make some changes in your lifestyle.

She is an amazing person that truly cares and wants you to see the value and self-worth that sometimes we cheat ourselves of.

Just want to take this time to thank you Jennifer for taking time with me. You are an amazing person and I am glad that God has brought you into my life.


Shelly Thomas


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