Living Pain Free

What if I could tell you that you could reduce your pain tremendously, would you believe me? At first I didn't believe myself when I was in the midst of throbbing muscles and achy joints. Every morning I woke up with swollen fingers and the feeling like I had gone...

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Be Fit with Me on FITBIT

 Be fit with me on FitBit! /   I love being active, however I find it so much better to have the accountability. Having support in both my business and my everyday life is important to me. I value my mentors, friends, and coaches. Without...

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Finding Happiness

Have you ever felt like happiness seems to be hiding behind all the projects or family plans we have going on during our day, that as soon as you get them done you can relax and be happy? Why do we allow our happiness to be controlled by our daily outcomes? Why can't...

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The Google Diet: Doing it Right

Working for Google has is perks and one of them is unlimited amount of food available at any time to their employees. As anyone can imagine this was detrimental to their weight as many of them did not keep up with the portions and quality of food they consume. So...

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Living in a Silent Fear

There was rarely a time in my past I didn't live in fear. From the time I was an early teen to the age of 23, I feared everyday of my life that I would lose my mom to diabetes. This is my story. Most of my childhood was caught up in the typical fun that kids do. I...

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Deal on the Dirty and Hot for the Clean

There are many controversial views on nutrition, but there is one The Vegan Seed stands by firmly and that is buying organically. Our company supports farmers that take the extra time and money to make their land suitable to plant and harvest organic crops. Organic...

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Powerootz Vegan Protein Powder

I had the opportunity to meet Lisa Hunt and learn a little about her amazing company, FedUp Foods. She has a passion for plant based diet and spreading awareness on healthy retail foods. Lisa in turn has developed several protein powders with top of the line...

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How to Eat Healthy on a Budget- Written by Sarah Cox

Healthy eating doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. By making a few lifestyle changes and taking the following steps, you can take your diet to the next level without breaking the bank. Commit to Food Prep Those convenient pre-packaged meals you can nuke in the...

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Which Workout Burns More Fat?

Written By: Kayla Luttrell Hello everyone! When Jennifer asked me if I’d like to be a guest on her blog, talking fitness, I was all for it!   One of the questions, out of many that I’ve researched in the past was, “What workout burns more fat?” Now, I used to be big...

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Fight for Health

I absolutely love having my girls in the kitchen with me. It gives me a chance to help them develop their love for cooking. When they want to cook on their own, I let them. Yes, I do supervise. I call them my sou chefs, they understand that Mama is the chef and I...

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Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Thrive Market

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