The Vegan Seed Cookbook

I’m Jennifer Colburn, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Vegan Seed founder, and mama of twins.
I’m the most understanding health coach you will ever meet!
I’m an introvert, and have struggled with food my entire life.  I understand what you are going through.  I love seeing others take control of their physical and mental wellness. I will teach you how to learn your own body and nutritional needs. Together, you will be successful!

Product Review: Tofuture Tofu Press

Tofu is a controversial issue, that I will save for another post on another day, however I do consume it from time to time. It is the only form of soy that I consume. I am very careful not to consume it in other foods or in any other form. But, the times I do choose...

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Infinity Jars

Have you ever put food in a container with the intention of using it that week, only to forget about it until the next week, and now you have to throw it out? How about juicing? Ever juice too much and don’t know what to do with the rest without it going bad or losing...

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Pineapple Smoothie Tonic

When cold and flu season hits, I do everything I can to avoid it, but there is no telling what can happen. I was sure that I wouldn't get sick with eating all my greens, washing my hands and taking my probiotics. I understood that my kids may likely get something, as...

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Is Your Salad Making You Fat?

When we think of healthy foods. One of the first things that comes to mind is salad. Salad can be a great choice for those that are trying to get in some added nutrients while cutting some calories back….or is this truly the case? Salads can be packed full of nutrient...

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