I’m Jennifer Colburn, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Vegan Seed founder, and mama of twins.

I’m the most understanding health coach you will ever meet!

I’m an introvert, and have struggled with food my entire life.  I understand what you are going through.  I love seeing others take control of their physical and mental wellness. I will teach you how to learn your own body and nutritional needs. Together, you will be successful!

Weigh Less, Live More!

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Potato Tempeh Curry

Over the Christmas holiday I had the privilage of cooking suppers for my parents, siblings, and family. My sou chef, was my sister, Amanda. We had such a great time creating meals and preparing them. One of the nights we decided to make indian cuisine. With no...

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Soup Seasoning

Tis the season for soup! My family loves soup and so do I. The challenge I face with most soups is finding one that does not have onions or garlic in it. My digestion does not agree with the allium family and tends to get quite angry with me if I consume any of their...

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Pumpkin Mac and Cheez

There are so many fun ways to spice up pasta and what better way to change it up, then with pumpkin. Since it is fall and I love pumpkin, I wanted to create a recipe that would use some of the leftover pumpkin I had in my fridge. It was a cold day and comfort food was...

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Carrot Hot Dogs

Fall is the time for football, outdoor gatherings, festivals, and grilling. It's a time where families and friends come together around a campfire and tell stories from the past. The commonality between these events is the food. We often bring goodies to enjoy...

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